Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel Guest Safety Protocol

Hotel safety

1. Guests are asked to wear a mask when in the common areas and hallways of the hotel. Masks and gloves are available at the front desk.

2.All public areas to include the lobby, door locks, knobs, railings and tables, etc will be cleaned three times daily with COVID-19 safe chemical cleaners.  

3.Several hand sanitizer stations are available for your use at the front desk and on each floor of the hotel.

Room safety:

4. Prior to your arrival, the room is cleaned using chemical treatment for all surfaces.  All bedding, pillows and towels will be sanitized as well.

5. For guest staying multiple nights, we will refresh your room each day by making your bed, tidying your bathroom, and removing trash.

6. There is a nightly turn-down service for each room

Breakfast safety

7. Breakfast will be plated in the kitchen and brought to your table. Please do not attempt to enter the kitchen.

8. Please see the front desk staff for seating.