Weather Policy


While most of the days on the island are sunny and the lake waters are calm, there are occasional times when the winds can get high or a storm can brew up. When things of this nature happen, the lake waters are too rough to be safe for the ferries to operate and they must shut down their operations. When the ferries shut down your ability to get on/off the island is limited to air travel.

We are not liable for any ferry boat services nor for the weather on the lake.

If you are unable to get to Put-in-Bay due to both ferries not operating, we won’t be able to refund your payment. However, we will rebook your stay within a year of your original reservation. All payments will be applied to that future reservation.

If you’re unable to leave Put-in-Bay due to the ferries not operating, we will make every attempt to provide reasonable accommodations for you. However, we can only guarantee your reservation dates as booked. Posted rates will apply. Guests are responsible for their own travel to and from the island.

All ferry services must be shut down for this policy to apply.