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Baby it’s Cold Outside…but it’s warm at the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel.

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About our Boutique Hotel
About our Boutique Hotel

About our Boutique Hotel

The Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel is a place for couples.  It began as a bed and breakfast, nearly 15 years ago. There were only 4 rooms, and a home cooked breakfast served daily.

Listening to our many guests, the theme over and over was that they wanted to play, drink and eat, but at the end of the day, they wanted to ‘go home.’  Home was often described as clean, quiet, tranquil and had all the ‘amenities’ that they have at home now.

Originally planned as a bed and breakfast, the Ohio Fire Marshall insisted that the Anchor Inn was a hotel based on the size.  Once we accepted the idea that we were building a hotel (rather than a bed and breakfast) we started to realize that there was a much needed niche for a separate, unique and quiet hotel. 

But we didn’t want to be just any hotel; and we were not interested in being a ‘traditional’ island hotel.  We wanted to have all the qualities of the original Anchor Inn.  It still had to be a clean, classy, quiet and comfortable place.  But we also knew we wanted something that wasn’t a mainstream hotel, and that was the beginning of the idea of a boutique hotel.

A boutique hotel is typically a one-of-a-kind hotel that is small and intimate, with non-traditional design, rooms and presentation.  It has the independence of a bed and breakfast, but may be eccentric; often with a sense of humor.  This is the description of the Anchor Inn.

You won’t find a party hotel at this location.  There are no crowds here, no loud music, no slamming doors, and no noisy hallways.  We pride ourselves on providing a quiet, secure, residential location without the party – the kind of place (like home) that you go to enjoy a nap, a good book, the company of friends, drinks on the patio and the beauty of an island sunset.

Our casually elegant rooms are the sweet spot of the hotel.  Each guest room or suite has been thoughtfully designed with handpicked elements and furnishings, a touch of whimsy and all the comforts of home – clean, quiet, tranquil and all the amenities you could want. 

Welcome to the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel.