Romance Package 2018

Romance Package

20% off our Romance/Anniversary/Honeymoon Package.  This package includes

  • Silk Rose Petals in the shape of a heart on the bed
  • Chilled beverage of your choice – either island grape juice or island champagne
  • Chocolates – boxed or plated  OR a meat and cheese tray
  • Teddy Bear with a heart and a signed card. (Anniversary/Honeymoon’s have a card included that says “Congratulations, Bob & Carol on your _____ Anniversary/Wedding”


Expires 02/28/2018


Breakfast at the Anchor Inn
Breakfast at the Anchor Inn

Breakfast at the Anchor Inn

Breakfast is a nice collection of a variety of hot and cold dishes.  Always homemade, it may consist of a featured item, such as our specialty quiches (we always have more than one,) or our “summertime blues” made-from-scratch blueberry, buttermilk pancakes.  Other featured items may include our signature dishes - Lakestyle Potatoes; Joey’s Stuffed French Toast; biscuits and gravy; fancy scrambled eggs, etc.

You will always find some kind of breakfast meat.  Vegetarian options are available.

Fresh cut fruit daily is a must!  The Fruit is sometimes skewered, sometimes drizzled with Contreau or dipped in a lime-ginger sauce.  Every day it’s something different.

Breads, pastries, rolls and bagels are staples of our breakfasts.  These are often homemade.

A meat and cheese tray is included daily, and is the choice of the cook.  Olives, pickles, and specialty cheeses may also be included.

Fresh ground and brewed coffee is always available, as well as fresh brewed ice tea, fruit juices including orange juice and apple juice are all staples of our breakfast.  A large variety of individually packaged teas (both caffeinated and de-caf) are also available.