Are children welcome at the Anchor Inn?

No. We no longer accept children as guests in the hotel. Children of any age are welcome in the Wee Anchor Cottage, but must be supervised at all times.

Are you dog friendly?  Dogs are welcome in the Wee Anchor Cottage.  Dogs are not allowed inside the hotel or our food service areas.  Please see our dog policy for further information regarding your dog's stay with us.

Do we need a passport to come to the island?
No.  We are located in the USA.

Is there a hospital/doctor here on the island?  What if you have an emergency?
No. There is neither a hospital nor doctor.  We have emergency medical services available on the island.

Is there a pharmacy or drug store on the island?

No, there is neither.  If you need prescriptions or drug store items, please address this prior to arriving on the island.

Is there a grocery store on the island?
Yes, but it is a small grocery store located in the downtown area and a market located near the Island Hardware Store.

Is there a liquor store on the island?
No.  There is a beverage center which sells low proof alcohol.

How late can we eat out?
Surprisingly, most restaurants close usually around 9:00pm to 10:00pm.  However, on weekends there are a few late night options.  Paul's favorite is Taco Bay at the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock on Langram Rd.  They're open until 3:00am.

Are there public beaches? Or public pools?
Yes, there are several beach areas.  There are no public pools, but some hotels allow non registered guests to use their pools.

Do you have parking?
Yes, we have parking - one vehicle or golf cart/per room.  We also have parking for bicycles and mortorcycles.